Penny's Hill

Penny's Hill
13 December 2017 | Penny's Hill

2016 The Minimalist Chardonnay – 93 points Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front, Dec ‘17

Chardonnay from a single site (at 520 metres above sea level) in the Piccadilly Valley. Wild yeast, barrel fermented, full lees, 30% new oak.

Straw-coloured. A generous, flowing chardonnay. Zippy but with ample flesh. Lovely style of white to settle in with. Creamy mouthfeel too, which never hurts. Pears, custard apples, cashews and the yellow flesh of stone fruits. Spicy oak helps out where necessary without ever relinquishing the reigns to the fruit. No problems at all; it’s a very good wine.

93 points Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front, Dec ‘17


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