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Supply of Liquor

Penny's Hill, The Black Chook and Thomas Goss are associated entities of Galvanized Wine Group Pty. Ltd.  Galvanized Wine Group is licenced to sell liquor in accordance with section 40 of the Liquor Licencing Act 1997. Our Licence Number is 51204982.

Only persons over 18 years of age can purchase wine on this website, in accordance with Liquor Licencing Act 1997. Under the act it is an offence:

-To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $6,000)

-For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. (Penalty exceeds $500)

If you intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent your age in order to provide alcohol to a person under the age of 18, you will be prosecuted by law.  Persons suspected of being under 18 may be required to provide evidence of their age.

Responsible use of Alcohol

Galvanized Wine Group (and associated entities) promotes the use of its wine products in a socially responsible way. We believe that you are responsible for monitoring and understanding your own consumption of alcohol and should do so as part of a balanced approach to your life. It is your responsibility to understand the law as it relates to alcohol consumption, particularly age restrictions, which may vary depending on the country in which you reside.

In Australia, the Commonwealth Government has provided the “Australian Alcohol Guidelines” to help you understand how much you can safely drink. These can be found at: www.alcoholguidelines.gov.au/everyone.

An interactive summary of these guidelines can be found at: www.alcoholguidelines.gov.au

For information about wine and health and the recognised guidelines for moderate consumption visit www.drinkwise.org.au

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